Our Rejoy framework clearly lays out how we can ignite potential in the organization by putting individual's joy at the center.

Creating an empowering Vision

A clear vision that resonates with people, creates sustained motivation and unleashes everyone's creative intelligence. A strong vision reduces the long-term managerial overheads and channelizes that saved energy for creative purposes.

Culture of Connectedness and Joy

Most of the creative power comes from how people connect with one another at work. People can connect on; an impersonal, to-the-point and functional level in a non-cooperative way or they can connect in a trusting, joyous and supportive way.

Enabling Processes

As companies grow they tend to add processes and controls that eat away the motivation and creative potential of people. The people processes need to be rewired as an enabling tool in their hands and should not be like handcuffs.

Processes should be designed with the prime goal of increasing individual motivation through sense of autonomy and support for mastery.