Mindrose helps companies activate the power of joy in organizations through it's ReJoy framework.



Create Meaningful Engagement

Day-to-day work can get monotonous and tedious, hence we need to connect with something more inspirational and constructive, to drive undying interest. So instead of excessive focus on driving numbers, we inspire with vision, guide by values and manage by goals.


Empower Self Growth

Don't put employees in a pre-defined box. Let them create their own path and grow. People are motivated the most when they are in-charge of their own growth and can manage it proactively.


Motivate with Spontaneous Peer Appreciation

Create a culture of mutual appreciation, trust and support for a highly motivated and joyous work environment.


Develop with frequent Feedback and Coaching

Help people learn and grow through constant feedback and coaching support. Make coaching as important as any project or client management activity. Promote employees on the basis of coaching and leadership skills, not just technical skills.


Drive Accountability through Transparency and Visibility

Share goals and business achievements more liberally to motivate better results. Share information with employees to include and engage them, not just to inform them about ongoing company activities.